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Our Coffee Story

Although Sri Lanka is chiefly known for its world-famous Ceylon Tea, not many know the island was home to a thriving coffee industry that was famed for producing a splendid brew, many years before tea arrived on its shores. 

In fact, in the mid-19th century, Sri Lanka, then Ceylon, was one of the top three coffee producing countries in the world alongside Brazil and Indonesia. Unfortunately, a tragic breakout of a fungal disease known as coffee leaf rust decimated the Sri Lankan coffee industry by the turn of the 1900’s.

Damn Fine Coffee Roasters began with a simple, yet ambitious dream of restoring the bygone legacy of Sri Lankan coffee. We are a homegrown Sri Lankan coffee company that believes in one thing – that Sri Lankan coffee is as good as any in the world.

Through exhaustive research and experimentation, we have reintroduced the famed Sri Lankan coffee beans of yesteryear to the lush and verdant highlands of Sri Lanka where it used to flourish more than two centuries ago.

Together with an intimate network of artisan coffee farmers, we prepare our coffee all the way from bean to cup using technology that’s at the forefront of today’s coffee industry. The result is a resurrection of the legendary taste of the good old days – with a brand new vigor. 

Damn Fine Coffee Roasters bring you a range of the finest single origin Sri Lankan coffees, made to perfection to suit any need. Whether you are an individual, a café, a hotel, or a corporate organization, we also provide unparalleled coffee solutions for any professional or individual requirement.  

We are driven by the vision of being a purveyor of the world’s finest coffee and our mission is to inspire humanity with every sip of our precious brews. We believe in creating robust, sustainable relationships with our community – beginning from the farmer, all the way to the end consumer, and encompassing every one else in between. Our passion for coffee is powered by innovation and nurtured by a culture of fostering new ideas. We believe in delivering excellence while being committed to a firm ethic of responsible practices. 

 At Damn Fine Coffee, our passion for the craft runs deep. And we are committed to reviving the legacy of Sri Lankan coffee by bringing you an exceptional cup of nothing but the best from island paradise.


Damn Fine Coffee Roasters vision is to become a purveyor of the world’s finest coffee whilst ensuring our continuous commitment to our key values.


Damn Fine Coffee Roasters mission is to enrich and inspire humanity with every cup of coffee


We believe in establishing sustainable relationships and warmth with our community beginning from our employees to our farmers, to café owners and all other stakeholders involved in the supply chain that contribute to the sustainable growth of the coffee industry. Whilst working together in unison to bring out the best in coffee

Relentless focus on innovation through research to create paradigm shifts beginning from the farm right up to the cup.

A passion for excellence in what we do and being responsible for our actions

To create a culture to foster new ideas.

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