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Crafting a Quality Roast

Sri Lanka’s Coffee history and heritage dates back to the Colonial era as far as 1740, longer than that of Ceylon Tea, which Sri Lanka is famous for; and to date, Ceylon Coffee remains a household name around the world. Sri Lanka’s highland terroir gives a distinct flavour profile to Ceylon Coffee with remarkably unique notes and complex characteristics; so much so that even within the same terroir, subtle variations in climate, soil and elevation produce subtle variations in the flavour of Ceylon Coffee.

At Damn Fine Coffee Roasters, our aim remains taking the best of Sri Lanka to the world by offering the finest Ceylon specialty Coffee to international markets. We constantly research and invest to keep up with changing trends in terms of coffee plantations, ethical harvesting, storage, packaging and roasting to ensure our Coffee range is in line with changing consumer needs and market trends.

Home-grown Coffee beans handpicked for perfection, available in delectable flavours that tantalize your taste buds! – And that’s only one way to describe our Damn Fine Coffee!

We source 100% Arabica Ceylon Coffee exclusively picked from the finest highlands of Kotmale Sri Lanka, which are in par with world’s best coffee-growing regions. We work closely, hand in hand with farmers, guiding them on best practices to develop plantations to establish lasting relationships to nurture a virtuous circle, generating socio-economic development for producers and utmost satisfaction for consumers and Coffee lovers around the globe.

We offer an array of specialty coffees with our master roaster creating unique roasts to bring out some amazing flavours, including Chamomile, Cocoa, Brown Sugar, Lime, Lemon and Honey. No matter how you like your Coffee, our premium Coffee range has something for you!

Our team is at the heart of our operation. The extremely energetic, passionate dedicated and qualified team at our Roastery constantly strive to perfect the quality of each cup of Coffee we offer you. We are focused on sourcing the highest quality green beans sustainably produced to help you create the perfect cup of Coffee.

Sustainability is at the very core of Damn Fine Coffee Roasters. We believe our empathy towards all our stakeholders drives us to do better every day to connect communities around the world with our Coffee whilst expanding our ethical footprint to all those who we meet in our journey!

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