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Recycling Policy & Process


Aluminium Recycling Policy

Damn Fine Coffee Roasters use aluminum capsules to safeguard our coffee against oxygen, light and moisture, all of which can weaken the coffee taste. Recycling aluminum is crucial and more sustainable, and it could be used as a raw material for other products hence reducing the overall aluminum usage.

Damn Fine Coffee Roasters being responsible to the global community is operating with a strong commitment to minimize the environmental footprint of Aluminium. We’ve taken efforts to set up initiatives that benefit the environment and our local communities.

The sustainability program with Damn Fine Coffee Roasters is free of charge. Our Aluminium made capsules are collected at the showroom and sent off to the Aluminium recyclers to be used for future projects.

Aluminium Recycling Process

We follow the below-mentioned procedures in our Aluminum capsule recycling program.

  1. Creating awareness on the importance of Aluminium recycling among customers during purchase.
  2. Collecting customer details for future communication.
  3. Advising customers on returning the used, cleaned empty capsules without coffee grounds.
  4. Collecting the empty capsules at the showroom recycling point.
  5. Tracking the number of used capsules collected periodically.
  6. A responsible person will cross check the number of capsules purchased and returned to the showroom periodically.
  7. Used capsules are collected, weighed, and delivered to the Aluminium recyclers once the maximum amount is achieved.


What we expect from you!

  1. You are expected to remove the lid completely from the used capsules.
  2. Clean the used capsules thoroughly with a brush to remove the left-over coffee grounds.
  3. Drop off your coffee capsules at our showroom at the designated recycling point.

We take care of the rest.

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