Damn fine Coffee

The Right Cup Of Coffee For Every Venue

The coffee on offer is a statement of the class of a hotel. If you believe in pampering your guests and giving them the very best experience at your hotel or resort, our coffee would fit right in. Our solutions for hotels and resorts will help your guests enjoy the finest Sri Lankan coffee around the clock and speak volumes about the quality of the experience you offer at your establishment. 

We provide comprehensive coffee solutions to any scale of hotel, whether you are a large resort, city hotel, or boutique villa. Customized menus designed according to the venues in your establishment, whether it’s the main dining area, coffee shop, pool side, or executive lounge, give you new avenues for creativity. 

Not only do we provide the most premium coffee Sri Lanka has to offer, we bring you world-renowned coffee technology that makes a lasting impact on the quality of coffee you serve your guests. Our internationally trained baristas provide one-on-one training to your staff and our experienced service team provides comprehensive, year-round equipment servicing to ensure your guests receive nothing but the highest quality coffee.

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